PQube Celebrates It’s 10th Anniversary with Switch Sale

On 7th August 2019 PQube Celebrated It’s 10th Anniversary. And To make this special the UK-based publisher announced a sale on the Nintendo eShop.

This Sale would commence from 8th August till 22nd August. Several of it’s more popular title’s will also be Available. And these titles would go upto a discount of 60% .

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PQube Anniversary Sale

Fighting games like “Guilty Gear” and “BlazBlue”.
Visual novels like “WORLDEND SYNDROME”, “Kotodama” and “Our World Is Ended”
Indie hits like “Cat Quest” and “Aggelos”.
Japanese goodness and party games Nippon Marathon And Several Other Games Would be Available.

The Following is the List Of Games according to me are the one’s which are needed to be kept an eye on.

25% off on Aggelos
25% off on BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition
Flat 25% off on BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
60% off on Cat Quest
Flat 50% off on Gal*Gun 2
50% off on Guilty Gear
25% off on Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
40% off on Hell Warders
30% off on Kotodama
50% off on Muddledash
40% off on Nippon Marathon
25% off on Our World Is Ended.
25% off on PlataGO! Super Platform Maker
50% off on Razed
Flat 40% off on STAY
40% off on Tokyo School Life
40% off on Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story

Apart from that, don’t forget PQube’s most recent launches: the fantastically charming Songbird Symphony and the slick and stylish Kill la Kill – IF, plus all the goodies still to come for the rest of the year, including Root Letter: Last Answer later this month, as well as Gun Gun Pixies, Cat Quest 2 and AeternoBlade II, scheduled to launch later this autumn.

About PQube:

If You Don’t know about PQube then You may read this. PQube is a leading publisher, distributor and service provider for the interactive entertainment industry with a global reach through UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia and North and South America from its offices in Letchworth (UK), Bristol (UK), Paris (France), Los Angeles (USA) and Hong Kong.

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