PUBG LITE Has Been Finally Launched In India

Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG is a popular game that brought the battle royale genre to mainstream media. Unfortunately, many players were barred by the cost of entry which also required a capable PC to run it on. Hence, PUBG Corp main company Tencent Games had now introduced PUBG Lite, a toned down free to play version of the game for PC.

PUBG Lite was made available in some of the south Asian countries. And the game hit the Indian shores 3 days ago i.e. on 4th Of July. Just to make things clear, it’s only the beta version of the game that has been made available in India. Now, we have almost covered all pre-launch aspects of PUBG Lite, including how to download and pre-register. And now that it has released I tried out the game to see how it plays, and here are my PUBG Lite first impressions.

PUBG Lite graphics and interface


Once the game is launched from the launcher, we see similar sights as the PC version with the branding. But like PUBG Mobile, players get gifts for logging in each day. The main menu is very similar to the main PC game, and it even has an event pass going on with rewards for challenges. There are also the same battle points system, along with the shop to buy cosmetic items and the inventory to check out and equip stuff.


Moving on to the look and feel of the game, we tried it both at Low and Ultra settings. The low settings tends to make everything look like a single blob. But in its Ultra graphics settings the game looks very similar to the mobile version. The grass, textures and the designs seem closer to the mobile version of the game than the PC version. The grass is present very sparingly in the game, which spells doom for those probing.

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While the graphics of the game is closer to the mobile version of things, the gameplay is mostly similar to the PC main game. This includes all the actions in the game. But one of the things that is present here that is not on the PC version is auto-equipping. Here once attachments are picked up or a gun is changed, the appropriate attachments will be installed automatically.

But doors don’t open automatically, and have to be opened by pressing ‘F’ which is the default. vaulting seems to take some time here. Aiming and shooting again seems more similar to the mobile version of the game than the PC version. It’s uptake on the aim-assist is quite quick and makes killing people easier.


PUBG Lite First Impressions

Those players that may not have had the best specs on their PC and waiting to play PUBG may finally have their answer. PUBG Lite just goes on to show that PUBG Corp not only wants a larger player base, but also listens to its users. The game is a very balanced amalgamation of the main PC version and the mobile one. It has been created to run well even on old PCs, with outdated specs.

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