Splatoon 3 Are There Any Chances ?

Splatoon 1 went on sale in 2014, Splatoon 2 went on sale in 2017 (3 years later). The Octo expansion for the same came out in the year 2018. So, we have had a very good amount of content in the games of this saga.

But what are the chances of having the game?
Today Nintendo revealed a “Thank You” trailer for all players as the last Splatfest has been completed. It indicates that in the short term we will not have news from Splatoon (except probably minor updates) for a while.

Splatoon’s producer, Hisashi Nogami, has spoken confirming that there are no plans at the moment to make it. But, considering this is the new Nintendo IP booming and being very well received, it would make sense for the announcement of the third part of Splatoon to come up in some time.

So the answer if there will be Splatoon 3 is a: “No, not at the moment”.

What are the chances of having a Splatoon 3?

But Nogami himself has said that both the team and he would like to “return the favor” to the fans of the saga, who have been supporting Splatoon. Although, that might as well be the emotional “Thank You” video uploaded to Youtube.

The franchise is a very profitable one for Nintendo, so we’ll have Splatoon for a long time for sure.

What are the chances of having a Splatoon 3?

Now that we are in the topic of awesome and emotional trailers, Digimon Survive has an amazing new trailer. Check out all the details here.

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